Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Webb Confirmed for Spidey

The last two weeks have been a pretty crazy onslaught on Spider-Man news ever since Sony announced to scrap the fourth film and start fresh. Rumors circled about who may play Peter Parker and who may direct, but today, the directing rumors can now cease. Sony has confirmed (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb will helm the next Spider-Man movie. Read all the details below...

Earlier today Vulture broke (what they said was) 100% confirmed scoop that Webb would take on directing duties for a re-boot of the Spider-Man franchise. Vulture also reports that Webb will not just direct one movie but three! While Vulture's claim of 3 movies is yet to be confirmed, THR and Sony (via Twitter) have all confirmed that he will direct the first installment. Variety reports that Webb is currently only signed on to direct the first film, but like most contracts it comes with the option for more pics.

Sony has decided to scale down the cost and production of the web slinger down to the $80 million range. Webb became an obvious choice when Sony could hire him to the tune of $10 million for the first film. Sony has also confirmed that the entire cast will be made up of relative unknown actors. This means we can all put those Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumors to bed.

THR reports that the contemporary and gritty take on Spider-Man will feel much different from what we've seen previously. The media outlets reports that the Spider-Man reboot will center on Peter Parker. Their direct quote: The story will be pared down to center on a high school kid who is dealing with the knowledge that his uncle died even though the teen had the power to stop it.

I really enjoyed (500) Days of Summer and see Marc Webb's potential to take a different look at Spider-Man, but I am still questioning a gritty and contemporary take on the super hero. Just puzzles me. Certainly there is a lot more news that will become clearer as the months progress. For now, all we know is Marc Webb is directing off of a Jamie Vanderbilt script. Let's hope Sony throws a Amazing or Spectacular in front of Spider-Man, to make a clear distinction between the two franchises. Stay tuned for more news as it develops...

Source: THR | Variety | Vulture