Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Director for Dune

Paramount Pictures has been planning a adaptation of "Dune" for a couple of years now. The studio originally had Hancock director Peter Berg attached to direct but he steeped down back in October of 2009. Despite rumors that Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers and The Descent) or Neill Blompkamp (District 9) might take over, yesterday a new director has been announced. Find out who after the break...

Paramount has hired Taken director Pierre Morel to adapt the Frank Herbert classic. Morel broke on to the scene in 2004 with his directorial debut District B13. However, the newly popular director had worked in the industry as a cinematographer dating back to the 90's. Morel's cinematography credits include The Transporter, Unleashed and War among others.

Pierre Morel seems like a wise decision to step in for the now absent Peter Berg. Quite honestly, confidence of Morel's abilities and cinematic vision seems far more aligned with Frank Herbert's original stories than Berg's vision ever did. Paramount was looking for a director that had a pre-existing passion for the fantasy tale and I believe they found the right guy.

Before we see Pierre Morel tackle "Dune" he has "From Paris with Love" releasing February 5th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly