Saturday, January 9, 2010

Green Lantern Lands Lively

In preparation for a scheduled spring production, "The Green Lantern" has hired Hal Jordan's (Ryan Reynolds) love interest. WB has decided on Gossip Girl's Blake Lively to play Carol Ferris in the superhero film slated for a Summer 2011 release. Checkout all the details after the jump...

Carol Ferris in Green Lantern comics is a love interest to Hal Jordan aka the Green Lantern who later becomes Star Sapphire. Ferris is a pilot and works at the same Air Force base Jordan does, who initially makes it clear she does not date employees. At this point there is no confirmation by Warner Brothers that Carol Ferris will become Star Sapphire, but it very could be a possibility for future films.

The decision to hire Blake Lively shows that Warner Brothers is aiming to hire cheap. based on the fact that Lively is largely a unproven commodity and also on contract with the CW for Gossip Girl. Warner Bros. were probably able to pick her up on the cheap. As far as Lively acting skills, I have nothing negative to say. I have however not seen much of her work outside of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

With Martin Campbell directing "The Green Lantern" I am not all that worried about a supporting actress. Campbell has proved thus far in his directing career that he deserves a little faith. And if director Martin Campbell signed off on Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, I'm willing to bank she'll do fine.

Blake Lively can next be seen in Ben Affleck's "The Town" and director Martin Campbell has "Edge of Darkness" starring Mel Gibson releasing January 29th. Stay tuned as more "Green Lantern" news develops, especially whose gonna play Sinestro?

Source: Variety