Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two More Join Coen's 'Grit'

A scoop that I missed last week due to my wonderful vacation has really got me excited for the Coen brothers next film. Back in September I reported on the Coen's next film "True Grit" and now we have confirmation that two more major names have been added to the cast. Find out who will join Jeff Bridges in "True Grit" after the break...

Both Matt Damon and Josh Brolin will join Jeff Bridges in "True Grit". The brothers Coen confirmed the rumor with IGN by saying, "Yes. Jeff, Matt and Josh, that's true -- something that you read in the trades that actually turns out to be true!" This is some of the best news I have reported all year! The Coen's are my favorite working directors and with this cast, I am more than excited.

The Coen's version of 'Grit' will be a step away from the 1969 film starring John Wayne. The Coen's say the film will in fact have grit and focus more on 14 year old girl Mattie as she tracks down her father's killer. As previously reported, Bridges will play Rooster Cogburn, while Matt Damon will play a rival lawman, La Boeuf, also hunting down the killer. Josh Brolin has been tapped to play the killer. Still left to be cast is Mattie the 14 year old girl who joins with La Boeuf and Cogburn.

The Coen's seem to have circled the original Charles Portis serial, because of it's oddity. Joel Coen told IGN, "I don't actually remember the movie too well, but I do remember it as being much more of a standard western, and the book is just an oddity. It's a very odd book." The brothers explained how they will adapt the story this time. Ethan Coen said, "It's a little bit different from the movie -- and maybe this is just because of the time the movie was made -- is that it's a lot tougher and more violent than the movie reflects." They also intend to bring out the humor from the original story. Ethan Coen said, "I think it's much funnier than the movie was so I think, unfortunately, they lost a lot of humour in both the situations and in her voice." Lastly the one thing the Coen's want to ring true in "True Grit" is that the film follows the voice of a 14 year old girl. Ethan Coen said, "The book is entirely in the voice of the 14-year-old girl. That sort of tips the feeling of it over a certain way."

More news on the Coen's "True Grit" as it develops...

What say you? How great is this cast shaping up to be? Strikeback...


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