Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trailer: Clash of the Titans

Our first trailer for the remake of "Clash of the Titans" has hit the web tonight and I have it here for you below! The debut trailer is only just over 1 minute, but it is just enough to wet your appetite. Director Louis Leterrier looks to have taken the classic film and given it a serious update! I love the new look to the film and cannot wait till "Clash of the Titans" hits theaters March 26th, 2010. See for yourself below and as added treat I have taken a few great screen shots from the HD trailer for you to gander at...

Click any image for higher resolution
Source: Yahoo Movies

What say you? Will Titans Clash for you? Strikeback...


i like louis leterrier, i want this movie to be good. with that being said, the trailer looks pretty good, although i'm not a fan of the continual overuse of rock music to score trailers for period pieces. 300 was so 2005/6!

btw, digging the new banner! has a very marquee feel to it. nice work buddy!

Thank you sir. I didn't mind the rock music, actually it kind of got me more amped now that I think about it! and that tagline got me hook, line and sinker!