Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Review - Sorority Row

A group of Theta Pi sorority sisters play a mean prank that results in one of them dying. The group of sisters decide to cover up the death only to later find themselves the prey of a serial killer. The sisters unsure who is trying to kill them, work together to uncover the killer's identity while also trying to keep their secret safe. Meanwhile the killer takes aim on anyone and everyone who may know the Theta Pi secret.

"Sorority Row" is essentially I Know What You Did Last Summer regurgitated within a Sorority. Sadly, it isn't anywhere near as good as the 90's slasher flick. Instead "Sorority Row" is dull slasher horror that is over plagued with ineffective dialogue, a horrendous reveal and some uninspired kills.

The killer within "Sorority Row" is very bland and doesn't offer much to get excited about. The tricked out swiss-army tire iron used by the killer is hilarious and provides a few good unintended laughs along the 101 minute running time. Unfortunately, there is never any amount of suspense or severity created by the killer throughout the film and by the end, you are merely counting minutes till the credits roll.

The cast, comprised of would be eye candy, is barely stomachable. Briana Evigan (Step Up 2) felt like the only actress given anything substantial to do, while Margo Harshman, Jamie Chung and Leah Pipes are used as mere window dressing. Leaving the viewer hoping for each one of them to get killed off. Rumor Willis is the odd ball of the bunch and her character is so poorly penned, I did not know what to make of her. It should be noted however, that Carrie Fisher provided a wonderful cameo as the Sorority's House Mother, Mrs. Crenshaw. Her scene hunting down the killer was classic, "You think I'm scared of you?"

"Sorority Row" overall was a wasted throwback to the 90's slasher horror. The film felt recycled at best and gave the viewer nothing to cling to. The initial prank is overtly stupid and as the film progresses, you're left wanting a decent finale, which their is not. The killer's reveal is completely anticlimactic and the typical sequel teaser is one of the only things that was actually intriguing. Not that I would condone a sequel in anyway. Lastly, "Sorority Row" is yet another horror film this year like The Unborn  that can be categorized in the never watch again, or only if there is nothing else on cable category.