Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Review - Jennifer's Body

Jennifer is adored and desired by every male in Devil's Kettle, but after she becomes possessed by a flesh craving demon, it is Jennifer that craves all of the men within her small town. The only person who suspects Jennifer and her demonic appetite is her once best friend Needy. While the rest of the small town is recuperating from a town tragedy, Needy tries to stop her BFF before she consumes her boyfriend Chip.

"Jennifer's Body" is a film that would (on the surface) appear to be any sex driven male's dream, but it ended up being a far more empowering feminine take on sexuality. The film opens to two best friends who feel like polar opposites, one a cheerleader and a object of desire, while the other one is secluded and homely. Jennifer controls her surroundings with her sexuality and Needy clings to her best friend. These roles however change as the film develops and watching the transformation of Needy was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Written by Diablo Cody, "Jennifer's Body" delivers Cody's typical high school dialogue over loaded with her dry cynicism. While Cody's dialogue can be distracting at times, I enjoyed most of the cliches and snarky comments throughout the script. At the bare minimum, they provided a few good chuckles here and there. The script has quite a few pit falls, but overall the story is fairly enjoyable. The entire cast with the exception of Megan Fox did a fabulous job with Cody's particular brand of dialogue. Fox on the other hand, was as grating as they come. Just wretched.

Megan Fox was clearly casted for her sex appeal and popularity, instead of her acting ability, of which she has none. Nails on the chalkboard kind of bad. I will give credit to the special effects department and makeup department for making Fox look so creepy in her demonic stages. I really got a kick out of seeing her get all devilish, wicked good!

Amanda Seyfried's performance along with Diablo Cody's writing is the saving grace for "Jennifer's Body." Seyfried does an able job as the seemingly innocent Needy, who becomes a much different individual by the end. I found it particularly ironic that Seyfried was dressed down to hide her natural beauty in order to allow Megan Fox's exterior beauty to shine through. Seyfried carries the comedy-horror hands down, giving the viewer an unexpected heroine that the viewer can actually connect with.

As for the males who are inclined to see "Jennifer's Body" for exactly that, you may want to just consider watching something else, because all you'll get here is a tease. Despite the film having an R rating there is absolutely no nudity and the rating being generated off of Diablo Cody's dialogue, a few mature scenarios and some minor gore involved within the 102 minute running time.