Saturday, November 14, 2009

Official 'Cotton' Image

One thing I truly enjoy is horror movies. They are escapism at it's best and today I have a film that looks to be well worth a look-see. Last week at AFM, a new image and full synopsis were revealed for a occult horror film produced by Eli Roth titled "Cotton" and boy does it ever get me anxious. See the released images and a breakdown of "Cotton" after the break...

Much in the same vein of Cloverfield, [Rec.] and The Blair Witch Project, "Cotton" is a horror film shot in the vein of documentary with a handheld camera. The film follows a minister who has lost his faith and decides to take part in a documentary outlining his last exorcism. Eli Roth explains why he attached himself to "Cotton" as producer. "Cotton was one of the best written, scariest scripts I'd read in years. It felt totally original with the potential to be terrifying and realistic the was The Exorcist was," Roth said. Comparing "Cotton" to The Exorcist is pretty big shoes to fill, but Roth seems very confident. He continued, "Cotton's a regular guy who wants to come clean, but then he meets Nell and everything he thought was fake is suddenly challenged in a very subtle and truly horrifying way." 

To solidify Roth's comments Bloody Disgusting has the first image from "Cotton" and it nails home Roth's "horrifying" comments.

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Daniel Stamm previously directed A Necessary Death which received some praise and was shot in a similar vein. "Cotton" stars a group of lesser known actors including; Patrick Fabian, Iris Bahr, Louis Herthum, Ashley Bell, Jamie Alyson Caudle, Tony Bentley and Shanna Forrestall. No official release date has been set as of yet, but the film is intended to be released in 2010. The official synopsis for "Cotton" reads: Disillusioned by years of defrauding poor believers of their hard-earned cash, evangelical preacher Cotton Marcus decides to put the record straight by producing a spectacular documentary. A letter from Louis, begging for Cotton's help in driving the devil off his land, gives Cotton the perfect opportunity to expose the phoniness of his ministry. But then he meets Luis's disturbed young daughter, Nell...

Source: Bloody Disgusting 

What say you? How spooky does Cotton look? Strikeback...