Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stunning New 'Titans' Images

A film I have treasured since childhood is Clash of the Titans, so I have been a little weary about a remake. I loved Luis Leterrier's Incredible Hulk and his work on Transporter, so I believed he should do an able job with a remake, but now we have some solid visual proof that this movie should be a real treat (not to mention one kick-ass ride). Both Entertainment Weekly and Empire have released some new photos from the film and I have them here for you below.

Sam Worthington who has taken on the role of Perseus, tells Empire that the new version of Perseus is gonna be a different kind of hero. He said, "I feel when my Perseus starts out, he should be this bombastic tank. The gods have killed his family. He's Charles Bronson! He's gonna go for revenge, and the best way to achieve that is to kill the Kraken." Worthington described more killing he would do as Perseus, however explained the point to his killing and the lesson learned. He said, "Along the way he needs to learn to calm down, ask for help. And out of that comes the true hero. A hero isn't someone who leads men; a hero is someone that's in the trench with the men." Sounds and looks like Leterrier has done what a director should do when tackling a remake, improve it. "Clash of the Titans" releases March 26, 2010. More news as it develops. Checkout the new images below...

Source: Empire & EW

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