Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Review - Zombieland

The United States has become overrun by Zombies and four individuals from different parts of the country seek to find somewhere safe to settle. Columbus, a introvert who has established a long list of rules in order to stay alive. Tallahassee, a gun toting man hellbent on finding the last Twinkie in the U.S. Wichita and Little Rock, two sisters who have managed to stay safe through various means of trickery. Deciding to band together, the four head to California for an amusement park that one member of the group believes to be zombie free.

"Zombieland" is a heaping good time. Director Ruben Fleischer put together a laugh-out-loud zombie comedy that is centered around two perfect characters played by Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg. Scene after scene in "Zombieland" tickles your funny bone, while also providing some great kills for traditional horror fans. "Zombieland" is fast paced, loaded with hysterical situations and a movie that instantly becomes one of my new favorites.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick deserve a ton of credit for writing an overall quality script. The dialogue throughout is absolutely flawless and more so, seemed specifically penned for Eisenberg and Harrelson. The narration by Eisenberg sucks the viewer right in and keeps your attention all the way through. Reese and Wernick hammered out a script that is two parts perfect, but loses a bit of steam in the third act. It felt as though the writers themselves rushed the ending and began to throw out all the rules they had created in the setup. By any means though, the setup is so good, that the sloppy ending is quickly overlooked.

Jesse Eisenberg hands down carries "Zombieland" with his character Columbus. Eisenberg has always felt like a veteran when it comes to narration, and here in "Zombieland" he comes through in undamaged fashion once again. Quite honestly, without Eisenberg's narration I can't imagine the film being as funny. Eisenberg's character Columbus is an outsider, who is borderline phobic. His introverted personality and phobia's have given him an upper leg managing to stay alive amongst all of the death. Elevating Columbus into a more than memorable character are his list of 32 rules to live by in Zombieland. Every single one of the rules are simple yet effective, but it is the way Eisenberg delivers how to carry out these rules, that will have you splitting your sides in laughter.

Columbus's rules cannot be mentioned without giving credit to the work done in post production. Time after time we are reminded of the rules by perfectly placed lettering that is both hysterical and solidifies Columbus's mantra. Furthermore, I loved all of the visuals and effects that were used throughout the film. They added a whole new layer to "Zombieland" that wouldn't have been nearly as fun without them. From the title credits to the closing, Ruben Fleischer and the entire Visual Effects department deserves a huge round of applause for adding something extra that in the end, made "Zombieland" that much more enjoyable.

While Jesse Eisenberg does steal the show in "Zombieland," Woody Harrelson delivers yet another terrific comedic performance as Tallahassee. Harrelson is unblemished as the rough exterior southerner, who is hellbent on finding a Twinkie and killing a few zombies in the process. Eventhough Harreslon is spot on as Tallahassee, his character, is perfectly complimented by Columbus. Harrelson and Esienberg's on screen chemistry is undeniable. They make for a duo that is sure to make you laugh and one that you will want more from in the future.

Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone are tolerable in their performances. Neither of them is given anything that would challenge their acting talents, but are there more as mere window dressings to give the story a bit more development. Breslin and Stone play sisters, Little Rock and Wichita who outwit Tallahassee and Columbus of their vehicle. Their characters do provide a few laughs, but nothing that resonates what Eisenberg and Harrelson were able to convey. It should be noted that the entire group of four survivors all play well off each other, especially in the scenes where each person takes a turn at the wheel as they drive to California. The dialogue throughout those sequences made me laugh more than I had in a good while.

What makes "Zombieland" so good isn't just one or two things, but all of the various pieces that combine for a riotous event. The script and character development is damn near flawless. The performances are spot-on, as is the chemistry between the four actors. The comedy is diverting all the way through from the situational bits, to the dialogue and finally all of the zombie kills. Not to mention the captivating visual effects that add a whole new layer to "Zombieland" that make it one of the funnest experiences I've had in cinemas this year.


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