Friday, September 4, 2009

Poster 2: 'Wilds Things'

A brand new poster for Spike Jonze's "Where the Wild Things Are" has hit the net over at MSN, but I have it here for you below. The new poster features Max and Carol standing in the middle of the desert that has been featured in the trailer. There is not a whole left to explain or express about this film that I haven't done so already in previous posts. Every single image I have seen for the film has put me in awe or given me chills and that is just the imagery. When I watch the trailer I have fallen into a trance and have generally watched it numerous times in a row. I honestly think it the most times I have ever watched a trailer. There is no doubt I have built this film up to be a masterpiece and I hopefully it comes through, at least for me (I can careless if others like it). Enough blabbering, "Where the Wild Things Are" releases October 16th. Oh yeah, checkout the brand new poster below...

Click Poster for higher resolution
Source: MSN Movies

What say you? How excited for Where the Wild Things Are you? Strikeback...