Monday, September 14, 2009

Bay Updates Project Status

So Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen wasn't received all that well by critics and fans, but that is not stopping Michael Bay from wanting to bring us more. Yesterday on Michael Bay's website, Nelson, updated the directors status on his upcoming projects. He reveals that Bay is meeting with Spielberg to decide a time table on the third Transformers and "Bad Boys 3" could potentially come before or after a third Transformers. Read the post below:

  • He will be meeting later this week with Steven Spielberg, and Ehren Kruger to discuss ideas for Transformers 3. By the end of the week he should have an idea if Transformers 3 will hit your local cineplex in the summer of 2011 or 2012.
  • In the meantime "Pain & Gain" is looking very possible as is...
  • ...Bad Boys 3. Either film coming to a theater near you before or after Transformers 3.
What say you? Ready for a third Transformers or Bad Boys? Strikeback...