Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 Posters: 'Wild Things Are'

Last Thursday we were treated with four new character banners for "Where the Wild Things Are" and today four more have appeared over at Cinematical and also a new IMAX poster featuring a larger than life Carol. The eight character posters that have released are absolutely stunning as has been everything else released for the Spike Jonze adaption. Seeing this film on a true IMAX screen is going to be mesmerizing and there is no doubt that I will be driving out to Universal to see this on the real deal, not the cheap imitation IMAX D up the street. Anyways enough chatter, your hear for the brand new IMAX poster and the character posters featuring Douglas, The Bull, Alexander and Ira, check them out below...

Click any poster for higher resolution
Source: Cinematical

What say you? How gorgrous are these character banners? Strikeback...