Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trailer: Avatar

One film that I have become less and less interested in is James Cameron's "Avatar". I love James Cameron and all, but I think people have gotten a little too excited over a director who hasn't made a film since 1997! I skipped the Comic Con panel and will not be attending 19 minutes of "Avatar" tomorrow in IMAX 3D. Quite honestly, I think I would have been happier if I didn't even watch this brand new trailer and just waited till December 18th before I make any judgements.

Let's just say that the first trailer for "Avatar" does not wow me in the slightest, and more so, looks to be not that interesting of a story. Humans go to another planet and wreak havoc, that's never been done before! I think most people think, Oh it's James Cameron it has too be amazing! Well I hope that there is something deeper here than just humans learning about another race while they try to destroy them, because we all know (even if you don't want to admit it) we've seen that enough already. I never realized that Sam Worthington becomes alien and that is another epic disappointment! I don't want to see a solid actor like Worthington as a CGI 3D alien more than half the movie, his performance could end up lost in the animation, especially with the way the goofy aliens look! Anyways, enough of my bickering, checkout 11 stills from the trailer below and then watch the trailer...

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What say you? Are you one of the many who have successfully over-hyped this movie? Strikeback...