Sunday, August 2, 2009

Superman Clock is Ticking

Superman is a huge topic of interest. Fans want another film made, as does Warner Brothers, but deciding what to do with the Man of Steel has been the WB's kryptonite. Since Bryan Singer's 2006 attempt Warner Bros have sat on their hands undecisive on just how to approach making a new Superman film. In this four year drought of no Supes, rumors have flown around about various directors being approached, Singer has been asked if he would return and even Brandon Routh's Superman contract has lapsed. Then last month came the landmark court decision that gave the Siegels and Shusters full rights to Superman if WB does not begin production on a new Superman film by 2011. Now a ticking clock is in front of both WB and DC urging them to get something into production now for Superman.

This brings us to the latest news stemming from IESB. While at Comic Con, Robert Sanchez had a chance to speak with various WB and DC representatives and they all elude to a short list of directors up for a new Superman. The folks over at DC and WB made clear that Superman is now obviously on a "fast track" due to the legal rammifications of the court's ruling. Sanchez reveals a few names that had surfaced back in Feburary, only to be dismissed soon after. Yes, IESB has brought back the rumor that the Wachowski brothers (can we still call them that) could potentially direct the Man of Steel franchise for WB. Another name that Sanchez reveals is "Ninja Assassin" director James McTeigue.

Now McTeigue and the Wachowski's are close. They just finished "Ninja Assassin" together and had previously worked on V for Vendetta back in 2005. McTeigue also served as a 2nd unit director for the Wachowski's Speed Racer last year. Sanchez's report indicates that if McTeigue is selected the Wachowski's will still most likely produce.

Having the Wachowski's onboard for Superman just feels right. When I heard this rumor back in February, I thought the Wachowski's could bring something to the Last Son of Krypton he needs. They have a keen eye for action & visuals and should be able to produce just enough energy to make a new Superman film what the WB wants. I also love the idea of James McTeigue directing Superman. Either is a valid choice to helm the Man of Steel.

Now, if we speculate for a moment that the report back in February held some small bit of vaildity, that would mean the Wachowski's already have something in mind. Furthermore, they could potentially be ready to start production sooner than any of the other unmentioned names on WB and DC's "short list" of directors.

There is a lot of loose ends of this story I know, but at least we do know WB and DC have kicked it into overdrive in order to get a Superman project up and running by 2011. This report also opens pandora's box of speculation including; who else is on that short list of directors, will Brandon Routh return as Superman, who will the villain and/or villains be, will it be a full re-boot going back to Superman's origin or follow Singer's 2006 Superman Returns storyline? Definately more news to come on the Superman front...

What say you? Who would you like to direct Superman? Can the Wachowski's inject Superman with what he needs to become a hit? Strikeback...