Saturday, August 15, 2009

Review - Miss March (Unrated)

An abstinent high school senior Eugene Bell and his girlfriend decide to have sex after prom. Prior to doing the deed, Eugene falls down a flight of stairs only to wake up four years later from a coma. Upon waking up, Eugene learns from his best friend Tucker, that his high school girlfriend is now a Playboy model. Eugene and Tucker set out across the country to Los Angeles in order to find Eugene's old girlfriend at the Playboy mansion.

"Miss March" was another feeble attempt at the road trip comedy. Road trip comedies come a dime a dozen lately and even with at times funny situations in "Miss March", the story is just too generic to be all that enthusiastic about. Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore who wrote, directed and starred together showed promise with the opening of the film, but the comedy quickly became dredged and uninteresting once it moved into the typical road trip comedy.

Most of my negativity with this film can be solely aimed at Trevor Moore. His character Tucker was absolutely grating. I hated every minute he was on screen. His monologue's were painfully long and his irritating tendencies just became too overbearing to enjoy the rest of the film. Tucker's gimmick of screwing up every situation that he and Eugene got themselves into was also disturbing to no end. His character just played out like a bad hodge-podge of other dim-witted comedic characters throughout the years. He was simply a terrible impression of Ace Ventura meets any Chris Farley character meets Stifler from American Pie. Lastly, Trevor Moore's inability to act or have any comedic presence is electrified when he shares a scene with Hugh Hefner that could have been a highlight to the film.

Zach Cregger on the other hand, carried the film. Cregger made the overtly generic situations a little easier to take. His simpleton character was well played and Cregger had some laugh-out-loud moments that had me in stitches. Namely, his inability to control his bowels after four years of being in a coma, who knew a cheap poop joke would go such a long way.

Craig Robinson made the movie hands down. Without Robinson's performance as Horsedick.MPEG, "Miss March" would have been a complete waste of time. Robinson steals every single scene he is in and by the finale Horsedick's big reveal goes down as the funniest moment in "Miss March." Robinson's scenes with Cregger provide some of the funnier portions to the script and Robinson delivers the dialogue throughout without error.

The third act in "Miss March" is unbearable. It is utterly generic and you can see the ending coming a mile away. If the performances, characters and jokes were more engaging the bad plot development could have gone unnoticed. Unfortunately, it doesn't and left me with a wasted 90 minutes I wanted back.