Friday, August 14, 2009

No Superman Origin for WB

The ongoing court case over Superman rights just handed down a new ruling that takes away specific rights from the WB and DC. Variety reports Judge Stephen Larson ruled that the Siegels now control the rights to Superman's origins. The immediate effects of the ruling means that WB will not be able to include any of Superman's origin's in any subsequent films. To read the full report scroll down...

Here's a breakdown of exactly what the Siegels gained:
1. Superman's origin from the planet Krypton
2. Superman's parents Jor-El and Laura
3. The infant Superman Kal-El
4. Superman being sent from Krypton into space
5. Superman crash landing on Earth

As previously reported, Warner Brothers is already under a time constraint to get a Superman film into production by 2011, but this new ruling gives the studio even less wiggle room on how to appraoch Superman. The ruling furthermore all but rules out any kind of origin re-boot for the Man of Steel.

So where does that leave WB? No official word has come from Warner Bros. surrounding a director yet, but heavy favorite is still "Ninja Assasin" director James McTeigue. I have heard rumblings that McTeigue's approach to Superman would not be an origin tale anyways, but rather a more aged Superman. Something resembling where Alex Ross took the character, which would be outstanding! More Superman news as it breaks...

What say you? Did you want to see another origin of Superman anyways? Isn't that been done effectively already? Strikeback...