Thursday, August 6, 2009

'Machete' Cast Confirmed!

A couple days days back in a Variety article surrounding Overnight Productions came confirmation of the rumored "Machete" cast I reported on back in July. The article not only confirms a boastful array of actors, but confirms that production began earlier this week. The outstanding cast includes Danny Trejo, Robert DeNiro, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, Jeff Fahey, Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba. Leaving Jonah Hill the only name that was rumored that did not actually sign on to star. Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis are co-directing the film together down at Troublemaker Studios in Austin Texas.

"Machete" for being a film that started off as a Grindhouse 2 minute faux trailer has now become what could be a real viable hit. Much like Stallone's "The Expendables", Robert Rodriguez has landed himself a sweet group of actors, some of whom could use a comeback. Namely Steven Seagal and to a lesser extent Lindsay Lohan. Seagal once was a huge icon. His movies were films you no doubt went to see and now he's been stuck making 3rd rate films that go straight to dvd. It would be nice to see Seagal like a few of the other 80's and 90's action stars make a tiny resurfence.

As far as whose been casted we do not know much more than from my previous post. Robert DeNiro will play Senator McLaughlin who double-crosses the title character Machete, played by Danny Trejo. From the faux trailer that was apart of Grindhouse we know that Jeff Fahey will return as the businessman who intially hires Machete to assassinate Senator McLaughlin. Cheech Marin will also return as a preist who had taken a vow of peace but now returns to help Machete seek revenge. Michelle Rodriguez will play Luz but from there it gets hazy on exactly who Steven Seagal, Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson and Jessica Alba will play in the revenge filled story. Smart money is on Lohan playing the Senator's daughter and possibly Alba playing a neice to Machete. The film will re-unite Don Johnson and Cheech Marin who have co-starred in both Tin Cup and the television show Nash Bridges. More to come on "Machete" as it develops...