Friday, July 31, 2009

Universal Banks on Apatow

Universal has made news today by signing studio director Judd Apatow to 3 more movies for studio. Apatow who has released all of his film through Universal has his latest comedy releasing today "Funny People" starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. The deal locks in Apatow for 3 unnamed films in the coming years. Variety reports that Judd Apatow has yet to begin writing a script for his next directorial effort and that the process will start soon. Universal have shown they love they amount of money Apatow has brought in for them with 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up and do not want to lose the cash cow that is Judd Apatow and his R-rated comedy ressurection. To read both Universal and Apatow's back-patting compliments read below...

Universal executive Marc Shmuger said, "I feel like we’re growing with him and watching him mature as a filmmaker, and that is a thrilling thing to be part of. To know he’ll direct his next three pictures here is a vote of confidence to our entire organization. It has become a true collaboration and partnership." Judd Apatow gave his kudos back to the studio by saying, "Everyone at Universal has been incredibly supportive of my directing career since day one.I am thrilled I am able to continue that relationship."

I like Apatow films in general, I look forward to them, even if they all are 30 minutes too long. Is having Apatow stay at Universal a good thing? I don't see why not when they have allowed him to cast whom he'd like and have to this point really not interfered with his film making process. They have not tried to studioize any of his projects and so far the match is working. Here's to 3 more from Apatow at Universal.

What say you? Are you an Judd Apatow fan? Are you seeing Funny People this weekend? Were Universal smart in locking up Apatow for 3 more films? Strikeback...