Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Kong on 'Skull Island'

Over the weekend Variety reported that Spirit Pictures picked up the rights to "Kong: King of Skull Island" and are aiming to make a motion capture feature that focuses once again on King Kong. The film will be based off the book written by Brad Strickland and illustrated by Joe DeVito about both the son of Carl Denham and the backstory of Kong on Skull Island. As we saw in Peter Jackson's 2005 version of King Kong, Skull Island inhabited other giant apes and dinosaurs that Kong will no doubt battle in this prequel/sequel Kong story. Read more about "Kong: King of Skull Island" and what producer Steve Iles had to say below...

Steve Iles tells Variety that it was important to bring back the character in a way that paid homage to Merian C. Cooper's iconic creation. He said, "We're very concerned with honoring Merian C. Cooper's legacy in Hollywood. We want to make sure that whatever we deliver will honor his memory." If Spirit Pictures handles the book penned by Brad Strickland and illustrated by Joe DeVito responsiblely there should be no doubt that Kong enthusiasts will be eagerly awaiting "Kong: King of Skull Island" to hit theaters. Arnold Kunert also told Variety that they are aware a watchful eye will be following Kong. He said, "It's one of those films that a certain level of the industry is aware of." Currently Spirit has assigned Andy Briggs to pen a draft off the book while they search for production partners for the Kong film. Both Kunert and Iles are attached to produce.

I read this book back in 2005 after Jackson's King Kong had released and was thrilled with how great of a story it turned out to be. It had fantastic illustrations and also a wonderfully structured story that really did capture the entire mythology of Kong while also giving us a new story. Here's a breakdown of the book. The book created by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland is both a sequel and a prequel. It begins in the late 1950's with the son of Carl Denham, Vincent Denham enlisting the help of Jack Driscoll to return to Skull Island and discover the mysteries of his father's 25 year disappearance. The trip to Skull Island nearly costs both Vincent and Jack their lives and Vincent is found by a storyteller who nurses him back to health. The storyteller tells Vincent the story of Kong prior to him leaving the island and leading up to his father and Driscoll removing Kong from Skull Island. Her story not only focuses on Kong and early his worth on the island, but of the tribes that live there as well, she then tells Vincent what has happened since Kong has left the island. The story was wonderfully crafted and would definately make for an interesting film, while also adding to the lore of the notorious giant ape.

Checkout the official website for the book Kong of Skull Island if you haven't read it. If your a Kong fan, you'll want to pick this book up!

What say you? Are you excited for another King Kong film? Have you read the book Kong: King of Skull Island? Strikeback...