Friday, July 17, 2009

'Machete' Casting Rumors!

Grindhouse fans have been longing for Robert Rodriguez to finally get to making a feature length "Machete" film and they won't have to wait much longer. Robert Rodriguez will co-direct the picture with Ethan Maniquis off the script RR wrote and is currently gearing up down in Austin at Troublemaker Studios for a July 29th start date. This week news (or rumors) have been quickly coming out regarding some of the actors that RR may be enlisting to star in the revenge filled movie. Just who are these names you ask? Scroll down to see just who may be in "Machete"...

I will give you the biggest name that is rumored to be in final negotiations first, Robert freaking DeNiro! Wow, cool beans! Now if DeNiro does infact sign on the film, it won't be the biggest shock. Remember Tarantino and DeNiro are buddies as is Rodriguez with QT, so isn't too far off to think, RR asked QT to hit up DeNiro about starring in "Machete". Bloody Disgusting reports that DeNiro would play Senator McLaughlin. McLaughlin is the character that double-crosses Machete forcing him into a bloody rampage.

The rest of the names that are being reported (as rumors for now) are Jonah Hill, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan and finally Steven Segeal. Out of all of these names, I'm sure Segeal stands out the most. Having Steven Segeal sign on to "Machete" would be an interesting addition to say the least. Jonah Hill is rumored to be playing Julio, while Michelle Rodriguez would play Luz. No mention of exactly who Lohan would play, but she could be up for the same role as Rodriguez. Now, none of these names are finalized at all. No deals are done, but with RR planning on starting by the end of July, we can plan on seeing the cast of "Machete" finalized very shortly.

Here's the original faux trailer from Grindhouse:

What say you? Do you think Machete will land DeNiro? Does this mean Machete might not just be a straight-to-dvd release? Strikeback...