Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Galifianakis Ponders Projects

After a successful release at the box office, The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis has a number of projects being thrown at him, and luckily the 39 year old comedian is weighing his options. THR reports that Zach has been approached to star in 3 different films, all of which, are being developed over at Warner Brothers by director/producer Todd Phillips in some manner. Sadly, none of 3 films being offered to Galifianakis, feel like anything the dead-pan comedian should even consider. Checkout the the roles being offered to Galifianakis below...

First up, is a film that Jack Black abandoned titled, "Man-Witch". The comedy follows a unsuspecting male who realizes he has magical talents and finds himself at a all-girl school for witches. Sounds like a piece of crap, right? Something that deserves to be a Disney Channel movie of the week and not a feature film starring either Jack Black or Zach Galifianakis. Sure, I bet Galifianakis could deliver the dialogue and create some hilarious situations with him caught in the middle of an all-girl witch school, but at what cost to Galifianakis's talents? Zach is a true talent and shouldn't waste his time or energy on this sophomoric dribble.

The next project Galifianakis has the opportunity to star in is called "Hey Uncle". There is not any description of the film in the report by THR, nor does imdb even list the project as in development by Phillips, but the title alone screams the John Hughes hit Uncle Buck. Galifianakis is definately essentric and could make a funny quarky uncle, but something about this film just doesn't sit right with me from the start. I just don't want to see Galifianakis sully his name for a quick buck. If he's smart he can weed out the bad roles and land some quality films, films that are both scripted for him and are not heaping piles of shit.

The third film being proposed to Galifianakis is "Due Date". This film also sounds like a waste of time for Galifianakis with the plot revolving around a slacker who takes a road trip with a uptight businessman and a baby. A baby? Come on Phillips, the baby gag was funny in The Hangover, but that was enough. Seriously this movie sounds like Tommy Boy with baby thrown in for shit's and giggles. The plot sounds too similair as well to The Hangover, which Phillips is also developing a sequel for, so why have Galifianakis make yet another road trip comedy?

I want nothing but the best for Zach Galifianakis, but I suspect that taking any of these 3 roles would do just the opposite of that. These films are trash, sorry Phillips, but they sound like cheap comedies that could be crapped out by any team of comedic writers on a whim. Furthermore, they sound like the kid friendly PG dribble that Happy-Maddison Productions have been purging out on a routine basis as of late. Mr. Galifianakis please do not rush into any role just for the sake of a pay check, take your time, the right project will be there shortly.

What say you? Do any of these projects sound like something you'd want to go see? Should Galifianakis jump at one of these roles? Strikeback...