Monday, July 6, 2009

Dakota & Kristen as Runaways

Making a quality bio-picture of a rock band is a difficult task. There have been a number of films like Control, The Doors or What We Do is Secret that were exceptional and pulled off the portrayal's near flawlessly. When I heard there was a movie being made based on the 70's all girl rock band "The Runaways" I was a bit skeptical. Director Floria Sigismondi first landed Kristen Stewart to play Joan Jett and that definately sparked my interest. Then the announcement of Stewart's "New Moon" co-star Dakota Fanning, would play Cherrie Currie, and I once again was unsure if this film could work. Fanning is a bit young still and the role will test the young starlett. Last week our first look at Fanning and Stewart in character and on set filming was released via JustJared and I have them here for you below.

After looking at these photos, it is very clear that Fanning and Stewart definately look their parts. The big question still remains in the performances. Will "The Runaways" have a rough edge to it or will it be bubble gum garbage? Let's hope the film plays up The Runaways alliances with bands like The Ramones, Blondie and even The Sex Pistols. Another huge questions is whether Dakota can step out of the infant roles, while also delivering a believable performance?

In related "The Runaways" news, Alia Shawkat has been casted to play the bass player of the Runaways. You may remember Alia from the popular television program Arrested Development playing Maeby. Alia will play 'Robin' in the film, whose character is based off the real life bass player Micki Steele (Latino Review states the name change is most likely due to likeness rights would not allow the film's producers). Also recently casted was Scout Taylor-Compton in the role of Lita Ford. "The Runaways" is currently lensing under writer/director Floria Sigismondi and is set for a 2010 release. More news as it develops....

What say you? Are you interested in The Runaways movie? Are Fanning and Stewart deadlocks for Cherrie and Jett? Strikeback...