Thursday, July 9, 2009

Destro's Final Look Revealed

The guys over at UGO got a bit of a treat delivered to them today. The news group got a box from Hasbro filled with G.I. Joe figures for the upcoming film release. Inside of the box was one particular image that the guys just had to get on the internet as quickly as possible. What was it, a image of what Destro will look like with the mask we have all known him wearing! Yes, that's right, Destro will actually dawn his mask in "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" and luckily it is not a complete departure like we have seen with Cobra Commander. Take a look at the image below along with some of the figure file cards UGO has posted.

While the image isn't as clear as possible, it definately let's us know that at least the creators behind the upcoming "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" film tried to at least get Destro right. Destro is played by Christopher Eccleston in "Rise of Cobra" and everything we have seen so far has not shown Eccleston wearing a mask. Thank god this picture reveals he will wear it at some point, furthermore thankfully it doesn't look like an octopus face!

The other images provided by UGO include figure profile cards for Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander. Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes profile cards a good, but the Cobra Commander one reassure's how lame the new mask looks, I hate the look of this mask and still wonder why the fuck Cobra Commander is being referenced as a doctor or why he just doesn't wear the hood. Regardless, checkout the profile cards below.

Click the profile cards for higher resolution
What say you? Does Destro's look meet your approval? Will G.I. Joe be better than Transformers 2? Strikeback...