Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bay's Casting Technique

Michael Bay and Megan Fox have had a bit of a tiffy recently over both of their comments during various press interviews for the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Now comes breaking news (dating back a few years) concerning when Megan Fox and Michael Bay met for the first time. Page Six reports that Megan Fox was invited over to Michael Bay's private residence to audition for the first Transformers film. Just how did Michael Bay intend to test young Megan Fox's acting talents at his home you ask? Scroll down to read about Fox's Transformers audition...

Michael Bay, showing us what a colossal douchebag he really is, invited Megan Fox to his home to wash his Ferrari while he filmed. I'll repeat that, Megan Fox's auditioned for the role of Mikaela in Transformers by washing Michael Bay's Ferrari at his house while he filmed! Neither Bay nor Fox would fess to the whereabouts of the tape now, but both confirmed the event happening.

This kind of audition is probably one of thousands that goes on all the time in Hollywood. The news of Michael Bay's audition tactics only proves how insanely disgusting some people will become when given any remote sense of control or power. I am not surprised at all that Michael Bay propositioned Megan Fox with the classes act of being filmed washing a car for an audition. Bay shows us what kind of a mind he has ticking upstairs, one that would rather film a girl washing a car, than see what kind of acting abilities she had. Granted the role of Mikaela is pretty light in the thinking department and heavy in the sex appeal department, but this kind of audition feels better served for a Adult Entertainment production rather than a kid friendly, multi-million dollar summer blockbuster.

I can't say I am surprised by Megan Fox's actions either. Let's be straight, prior to Transformers, she had done nothing but skimpy lingerie pictorials for Maxium and other similar magazines. She was a bra and panty away from Playboy or Penthouse. In her eyes, the audition must have felt no different from any of her previous photo shoots. It was a huge opportunity to get into a blockbuster film. Furthermore, in hind sight, wasn't it the right move? Look how much her career as sky rocketed. She has been offered numerous starring roles, she is considered a hot commodity in Hollywood and she definately has all of the mindless men in the world hooked. All she had to do was wash one Ferrari (well at least, that was all we know for sure she did).

What say you? Does this audition surprise you or disgust you? Strikeback...