Friday, July 10, 2009

3 Remain for 'Green Lantern'

Yesterday I reported that Justin Timberlake was being considered for the role of the Emarld Knight in the "Green Lantern" film being directed by Martin Campbell. This news was followed later in evening via THR that there is currently 3 actors in the running for "Green Lantern". THR reports that Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake are the top three choices to play Hal Jordan, but producers and director Martin Campbell have struggled to make the final decision on whom to choose.

With the production team having difficulting pulling the trigger on which actor to choose, as of July 6th, Reynolds, Timberlake and Cooper are able to except new offers due to the studio's holding deal lapsing. The big budget, effects heavy, superhero film is under major time constraints with a December 2010 set release, no lead actor and a lot of time that will be spent on post production CG.

Of the 3 finalist WB and Martin Campbell are considering for Hal Jordan, my vote would easily go to Ryan Reynolds if it weren't for one major issue. I hate the idea of Reynolds playing the Green Lantern and also playing Deadpool. Reynolds is an amazing talent, but he doesn't need to whore himself out and play every superhero. I would rather he just stay in the Marvel universe as Deadpool leaving Green Lantern for someone else. Furthermore, his tongue in cheek humor might be a bit too brass for the role of Hal.

So I am left to debate over Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake. (Wow, I never ever thought I would be writing about whether Bradley Cooper or Justin Timberlake should play the Green Lantern.) Both Cooper and Timberlake have yet to prove their abilities for me. Cooper is funny, but has played mainly douchebag roles, so without seeing his screen tests, the thought of him playing Hal Jordan is tainted. Timberlake just doesn't sound right. Over yesterday the idea of him grew on me, but then I would quickly remember this is Justin Timberlake were talking about, he can't play a superhero! (I have a nightmare that during the end credits of Green Lantern Timberlake will be dancing in space singing some lame song, similar to what Will Smith did with the Men in Black films, scary!) So I remain torn. This is one of the times that I will blindly go with whoever is chosen. I think all 3 of the actors could potentially be awesome as Hal Jordan, but then again could very easily mame the iconic DC comic character.

What say you? Which of these 3 would you choose? Strikeback...