Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Robot Chicken Pens 'Circuit'

Short Circuit is one of my many childhood favorite films that is currently in works to be made. I hate the idea of a remake (for the most part) and sometimes grow very tired of constantly hearing of other classic films being remade that I and millions (or at least thousands) love and enjoy. Regardless of my heated opinions, Short Circuit is getting remade and today comes news via Variety that Dimension Films has hired Robot Chicken writer Dam Milano to pen the script for the remake.

Having Dan Milano writing the film does add a grain of intrigue and at least, shows a step in the right direction for the remake. Milano outside of writing for Robot Chicken has voiced Gregg the Bunny and was one of the creators of the television show. Variety reports that Milano was hired to bring a "subversive edge to the original film scripted by S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock." No doubt Milano will bring his particular flare, which could in some ways measure up to the original.

Short Circuit's original producer David Foster is back for the remake and he told Variety why a remake seemed worthwhile. "We're bringing Number 5 into the 21st Century and taking advantage of the improvements in robotics that are so massive that robots are now performing heart surgeries in hospitals," Foster explained. When asked if the look of Johnny 5 would change due to the recent success of Pixar's Wall-E, Foster said it wouldn't. "We think of 'Wall-E' as an extended trailer for our film, because it's the same face," Foster said.

What say you? Do you think adding Dan Milano's writing talents will make a Short Circuit remake watchable? Strikeback...