Thursday, June 18, 2009

'Red Dawn' Undergoes Rewrite

While I am still completely against the idea of a Red Dawn remake, the film at MGM just may have found a glimmer of light. Latino Review is reporting that writer/director Tony Gilroy has been hired by the studio to do a re-write of the script. In fact the acclaimed writer of the Bourne series has already turned in a 107 page draft dated 06-01-09.

"Red Dawn" slated to begin shooting in September, isn't the first time director Dan Bradley and Tony Gilroy have worked together. Bradley served as the 2nd unit director in the Bourne films which Gilroy wrote. The remake was originally scripted by Carl Ellsworth and Jeremy Passmore and based off the 1984 film where a group of teenagers help to fight off invading Russian and Chinese forces in the U.S.

"Red Dawn" has landed a couple of decent up and coming actors and now it has a worthwhile scribe creating, what we hope is a quality script. I still feel that a Cold War invasion film might miss the mark in our current times and see no need of remaking the cult classic film, however having Tony Gilroy onboard has definately perked my interests a little. Guess we will find out come September 24, 2010.

What say you? Does having Tony Gilroy doing a script rewrite change your mind about a Red Dawn remake? Strikeback...