Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New 'Paul' Details Emerge!

Last week I reported on some great casting news for the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost film called "Paul" being directed by Gregg Mottola and yesterday news broke via The Playlist that Sigourney Weaver has joined the cast. Not only that but details have emerged clearing up exactly who Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader will be playing. Scroll down to read all of the details.

There has been alot of speculation on exactly what the main plot of "Paul" will consist of. We do know that the film is a buddy-road trip comedy that has the two Brit's visiting Comic Con and also Area 51, but outside of that, the details have been pretty hazey. Not too worry, a full synopsis has been released and here it is: "PAUL" is the story of Graham Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost), two sci-fi enthusiasts from the UK. The film follows them on a once in a lifetime trip to America, starting with a visit to San Diego Comic Con. Having enjoyed the delights of the convention, the boys set off on a trip to Area 51 for a spot of light UFO tourism. However, their trip takes a sudden and dramatic turn when the boys happen upon a crashed government vehicle containing an Alien called Paul (to be voiced by Seth Rogen). They embark upon an adventure, which sees them accidentally kidnapping a young Christian girl (Kristen Wiig) and paying a surprise visit to an old woman called Tara (Jane Lynch or possibly Weaver), who 60 years before pulled a stricken Paul from his crashed ship. Together, this mismatched band struggle to help Paul get home, all the while trying desperately to stay ahead of the tenacious government operative, Agent Lorenzo Zoil (Jason Bateman) and Ruth’s zealous, shot- gun toting, bible bashing father, Moses Behe. This is a comedy about being an alien in America, even if you're not from outer space.

If your wondering where does Bill Hader fit into the film, he will be playing another FBI agent that is working with Bateman to apprehend Pegg and Frost along with the alien. Again it is unclear who exactly Sigourney Weaver will play in "Paul" but the money is on her playing the role of older woman Tara, who pulled the alien from his vechile some 60 years ago. I can't see Jane Lynch having this big of a part in the film and she would seem more fit, in a smaller role.

Those of you who are attending Comic Con this year should most definately keep an eye out, because Mottola and the "Paul" crew will be filming on location to some extent. "Paul" is currently filming and will be hitting theaters come 2011!

What say you? Does this sound like a good time? Will you be at Comic Con this year? Strikeback...