Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another 80s Remake: Teen Wolf

The next in the long list of classic 80's films being remade has been announced. "Teen Wolf" is in early development over at Warner Brothers. Moviehole is reporting that WB are currently, "looking for the craftiest reinterpretation of Rod Daniels’ 1985 hit." The studio not having a completed script or decision on exactly how they want to deliver a redo definately means there is no director or actors attached at this point. However we all know damn well, that WB already has Zac Efron on speed dial for this one.

The original Teen Wolf followed Scott Howard, played by Micahel J. Fox, a teenage high school student who discovers his family hertiage involves becoming a werewolf. Howard becomes an icon as his alter-ego the "Wolf" on his basketball team and around campus, however his new found fame begins to dismantle his long budding relationship with friend Boof.

The original film was and is, a classic piece of 80's nostalgia, and it is a real shame that WB is actually developing the remake. I use to watch this film religiously as a kid, and never tired of it. Michael J. Fox was box office gold back then and when Teen Wolf came on the coat tails of Back to the Future, I remember begging my mom to take me to see again and again. I still have my old VHS copy of the film that the local video store owner gave to me because, he said I rented it more than anyone else and I deserved to keep it at home. It seems nothing of the 80's is sacred and I fear that this trend will continue until Hollywood is once again remaking the 2010 version of "Teen Wolf".

What say you? Would you want to see a Teen Wolf remake? Why not just make "Son of Teen Wolf" with Michael J. Fox playing Zac Efron's father?(note the sarcasm) Strikeback...


Teen Wolf remake? i think Son of Teen Wolf would be better cuz i dont like remakes! they just ruin the classics. Zac efron does look like a teen wolf. even though he sucks at acting thats for sure!