Sunday, May 3, 2009

QT Talks 'Basterds'

Quentin Tarantino recently did a interview with Lynn Hirschberg for the New York Times Magazine called The Call Back and in it, he talked a bit about the Cannes Film Festival and shooting his most recent movie "Inglourious Basterds." The article also features a brilliant photo shoot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino including the esteemed director and Diane Kruger, one of the stars of the film. Scroll down to see some of the photos and what Tarantino had to say about his upcoming film....

First off Quentin Tarantino tells Lynn Hirschberg that "Inglourious Basterds" took up all of his time and was the hardest film for him to shoot. "Maybe it’s just this movie, but it’s become very hard to concentrate on anything but the film I’m making. This was the hardest movie I’ve ever made." Tarantino definately wants his WWII epic to be a lasting film and he is taking extra care with his latest project. Quentin continued to talk about how important it is that the film is very authentic. "We shot the film in Berlin and a little bit in Paris. I only cast actors who could speak English with their native accents. The Germans have accents, the French are French, and the English are English....In Hollywood movies, Germans often have English accents, and I can’t go for that contrivance. The proper accent could be the difference between success and failure." QT was next asked why he worked so quickly on this film. He told New York Times Magazine, "I wanted to have a masterpiece before the decade’s out. " Despite hoping for a masterpiece, Tarantino also added he wanted to have the film ready for Cannes this year.

On a side note, during the interview Quentin Tarantino declared his love of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. "I am a big fan of 'Returns.' I’m working on what is now a 20-page review of that movie, and I’m not done yet." QT was on the festival jury the year Bryan Singer won Best Director for Superman Returns. Glad to know, I am not the only one who holds a place in their heart for Singer's work on Superman.

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To the read the full article checkout New York Times Magazine.

What say you? Will Inglourious Basterds be a masterpiece for QT? Strikeback...