Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Official Deadpool Anouncement

As predicted, Fox is moving forward with a "Deadpool" spin-off. The announcement came yesterday via THR. Fox has confirmed Ryan Reynolds will return as Wade Wilson/ Deadpool in the feature film. Laura Shuler Donner will produce and as of yet no directors or writers have been selected.

So what can we expect from "Deadpool"? First off, it is unclear whether the film will start from where "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" left off or earlier in Wade Wilson career as a mercenary. It is known that Ryan Reynolds will regain the use of his mouth. Deadpool's character is known as "the merc with a mouth" so it would be absurd if Fox did away with it. Furthermore, Reynolds was specifically chosen because of his uncanny ability in delivering dark humor, so we can rest assured that aspect of Deadpool will remain.

With no script is place it is hard to gauge whether, "Deadpool" will be a more serious or light-hearted take on the character. I have a real hard time thinking that Fox would try to make some thought provoking film about a ruthless mercenary who uses humor as he kills, so I am expecting something closer to what we've seen with Punisher: War Zone or "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Which is fine by me, I enjoy most of the lighter-fare of Marvel comics and Deadpool is one of my favorite mutants, so just knowing I will see him in theaters sooner than later has me happy.

What say you? What kind of Deadpool film would work best? Strikeback...