Monday, May 18, 2009

Miller Scouts Mad Max 4

George Miller has long talked of a another sequel to Mad Max and today comes news that the director has begun to scout locations in Australia. The Herald Sun broke the news this morning debunking previous news that the fourth film would be animated. The news outlet also reports that the film could begin production as early as late this year.

The original Mad Max film released 30 years ago in 1979 with a 21 year old unknown named Mel Gibson launching a series that spawned two sequels. The newest film will not have Mel Gibson involved and Miller is prone to hiring a new unknown for the 4th film. George Miller explained, "It won't be Mel. I don't think he is into acting and I don't think he would be interested in being involved at all." Without Mel aboard just where in George Miller planning to take the franchise?

Miller's comments spark a couple of ideas...Number one, will this be an actual sequel or the more popular re-boot? Number two, if the film is an actual sequel to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome will we see one of the children Max saved arise to be a leader similair in vein to Max? Number three, how come Miller decided to change back to live action after had saying the 4th film would be animated? Why scout locations if the film is going to be animated? Could Mel actually be returning to Bartertown and Miller is just using smoke and mirrors to diffuse the situation until a contract is signed?

What say you? Do you want to see a 4th Mad Max? If Mel gibson is not in it, will it be called Mad Max? What happened to Miller's idea of a animated film?