Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miike Remaking '13 Assassins'

Variety reports that outlandish director Takashi Miike has signed on to direct a remake of the 1963 Japanese film, The Thirteen Assassins formerly directed by Eiichi Kudo. The film follows 13 assassins who come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord who has commited a vicious sin. The remake is set to start lensing in July shooting on location in Japan. Jeremy Thomas and Toshiaki Nakazawa will produce the film under Thomas's Recorded Picture Company, while Hanway Films will handle international distribution.

Generally, I am not a fan of remakes, however certain films do feel that a refreshing take and update of the film could work well. With Takashi Miike on board, this could be one wacky ride. Miike is a freaking crazy director and has been known for never holding back on gore, dark humor and cartoon-esque film making, so a Miike Samuari film should prove to be at the very minimum intresting.

What say you? You seen of Miike's films? Would you go see a Thirteen Assassins remake? Strikeback...