Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marvel Looks for Typhoid Mary

Golden Apple Comics posted an interesting tidbit on their blog recently. They are reporting that Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff just came into their store and picked up as many comics she could get her hands on that featured Typhoid Mary! Sackhoff has become a big sensation from her time spent on Battlestar Galactica and she would make a perfect fit for Typhoid Mary. This report immediately brings two mind two characters that Marvel has expressed interest in creating on film, Deadpool and Daredevil. Which could it be? Or perhaps we will see the two stars tied together? For further breakdown scroll down.

For some of you, you might be saying who the hell is Typhoid Mary. She is mainly featured in Daredevil comics but has also been romantically linked to Deadpool. Here's a bit of a background on her. Her real name is Mary Walker and she is a mutant who posseses low level psionic powers, including telekinesis. She is mentally ill and has created 3 different persona's within herself; Typhoid Mary, Bloody Mary and Mary Walker. More recently she has gone under the title of Mutant Zero. Amongst her special powers she can movie small objects short distances, can create fire and can implant mental suggestions in people's minds.

So which film is Typhoid Mary going to be in? Marvel and Fox has obviously announced a Deadpool film, so easy money says we will see her there, but Mary has always been a heavy feature in Daredevil which has also recieved some heated discussions on a re-boot. In early Daredevil comics Matt Murdock accidentally caused Mary Walker's mental disorder by throwing her out of a window. Kingpin would later use Typhoid Mary as a assassin sent out to kill rival gangs or villains. So what is the Deadpool tie-in you ask? Deadpool was hired to kill Mary Walker but could not and ended up falling in love with her. Deadpool and Typhoid Mary actually travel together to confront Daredevil about the accident from years prior. So there is a small chance we could see a Deadpool film that set's up a new Daredevil film. Either way, I like it!

What say you? Would Typhoid Mary be a good character to explore in either a Daredevil or Deadpool film? Is Katee Sackhoff the right person to play her? Strikeback...