Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jackman Fills His Schedule

These last two weeks seem to be an Hugh Jackman-palooza! First we saw Wolverine everywhere we looked from TV Ads to in 7-Eleven and with the huge box office success were going to see more of the clawed loner whether you liked "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" or not. Now comes news that Jackman has another four projects lined up outside of the Wolverine sequel that will follow Logan to Japan. I've gone ahead and borken down the numerous Jackman projects below....

Number one, clearly with already a worldwide total of $164 million in 5 days a Wolverine sequel is a no brainer. Hugh Jackman has already revealed he will in fact make a sequel and it will see Logan traveling to Japan as the easter egg ending eluded to. No writer or time table have been hired or established at this point.

Second, Jackman and his production company Seed Production have optioned along with Disney a family friendly film called "Ghostopolis" that follows a Supernatural Immigration Task Force, in which Jackman will star. The film is will be based off a upcoming graphic novel. At this time, no director or more importantly a writer/script are hired/ready, so this one may take a bit.

Third, Jackman has been cast in "Personal Security" which was aquired by Fox. Matt Lieberman has penned a preliminary script which follows a a tough police cop who is forced to become a bodyguard for a spoiled teen heiress. Jackman and his Seed partner John Palermo will produce with Tapestry's Michael Schreiber.

Fourth, Jackman is in talks to star in a film called "Drive" for Universal. The film is said to be a throwback to the Steve McQueen driving films and Jackman is believed to be a perfect personification of that ideal. "Drive" follows a solitary man who drives race cars by day and getaway cars by night in Los Angeles. Hossein Amini (The Four Feathers) has penned the most recent update to the script. Neil Marshall is attached to direct.

The last two things Jackman has lined up fall into the musical category. Jackman had won a Tony for his performance in "The Boy from Oz" and at this year's Oscar's he proclaimed the musical is back. Adding to that idea Jackman has signed on to star in a remake of "Carousel" which is said to keep the feel of Roger & Hammerstein's original work. Anne Hathaway will co-star alongside Jackman in the remake. Jackman is expected to also step back on to Broadway in a production of "Houdini" in 2010.

What say you? Which of these, if any, sound good to you? Strikeback...


Drive should be kickass! I just hope the Wolverine sequel isn't as campy as this last one, that shit sucked a fat one!