Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alien Remake in Works!!

It pains me to even type this next story, but unfortunately 20th Century Fox is developing a remake of Ridley Scott's original scifi thriller Alien. Alien is one of the greatest scifi films of all time and it is a true tragedy that a remake has even been considered, but it has and it is happening. What makes the news even worse is that even Ridley Scott has approved of this atrocity!

The working plan, as it has been reported by Bloody Disgusting, is 20th Century Fox intends to stick with the original concept of "one alien and one ship." Ridley and his brother Tony Scott are on board to produce the film alongside Michael Costigan and they have hired Carl Rinsch to helm the remake. If your wondering who Carl Rinsch is, don't worry, he's a big no one whose spent his time directing commericals (way to shoot for the stars finding a director Fox). There is no news on how quickly this project will move, but the gears have definately begun to spin.

It is true that there have been some instances where I have defended remakes, but Alien is a classic piece of film that does not warrant a remake. It is timeless pure and simple! Sure technology has been updated and they could add some new bells and whistles to the spaceship Nostromo, but is it really necessary? Absolutely not, Alien is a perfect film and does not need to be tarnished or updated for a younger generation. Allow them to watch the original, they will enjoy it just as much as previous generations.

What say you? Should a Alien remake happen? Do you have faith in this project? Strikeback...