Sunday, May 31, 2009

5 New 'Book of Eli' Pics

"Book of Eli" releasing on January 15th starring Denzel Washington. "Book of Eli" sees Washington playing a lone man who fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving mankind. This week USA Today has released our first look at 5 new images from the Hughes brothers film including commentary on the released images and why they and Denzel Washington chose the film. Scroll down to read what they had to say and to get a look at the rest of the images...

Allen and Albert Hughes first spoke about why they chose "Book of Eli". Albert told Scott Bowles of USA Today, "At first, the script seemed a little too spiritual or something...But then I slept on it, and the next morning I couldn't get the story out of my head. That's when you know you should do the movie." The Allen brothers also spoke of America's vulnerability and why "Book of Eli" is such a powerful story during these times. Allen said, "This is the first time in recent history where I can remember where it feels like America is, at its core, vulnerable. Were mortal. After 9/11, the reaction showed how thin that line is between order and chaos. It feels like were at a boiling point. That's why these themes of redemption and salvation are so powerful now." Clearly the Hughes Brothers aren't the only one's who feel this way with Terminator Salvation releasing last week, "The Road" due out later this year and other films like I Am Legend, Knowing and Doomsday releasing within the last two years.

In order to create a post-apocalyptic America the Hughes brothers, much like another one of Warner Brothers post-apocalyptic tales that just released last weekend, they went to New Mexico. Actor Denzel Washington said of their location, "There's a reason there's nothing growing out here. It's land no one wants." Co-director Albert Hughes replied, "Unless you're shooting the end of the world." The entire production crew had to endure harsh winds shooting in Albuquerque and Washington recalled one scene where the crew had to wear goggles in order to see what they were shooting. Albert Hughes also commented on the heavy winds, "When the wind is really blowing, it looks like the earth is meeting the sky. It looks like the end of the world."

Denzel Washington spoke with Scott Bowles of USA Today about the role and said he at first was going to pass on the part. "I intially wasn't all that interested in the part, but my son thought I should do it. And he talked me into doing Training Day and American Gangster, and that worked out pretty well. So I decided to listen to him again." Washington also shed 55 lbs for the role in "Book of Eli." He said, "I decided I had to lose weight. Not for my health, but it just didn't make sense to play a fat guy wandering the earth after it has been nearly wiped out." Yeah Denzel, that sorta makes sense.

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What say you? Does Book of Eli nail the post-apocalyptic look? Will this prove to be a great film? Are you tired of post-apocalypse films? Strikeback...