Friday, April 17, 2009

Top 10 Movies: Comic Book

We all have our favorite movies of all time, but what about in specific categories? I thought I would begin a Top 10 Movies blog and each week post a new category. This week, one of the hottest genre's in film right now, Comic Book movies! I am sure that you may argue the placement of some of these films, but all deserve their position in Schofizzy's world. Take a look at my rankings below and tell me what your Top 10 would be....

10. Sin City
Sin City broke completely new ground in Comic Book movies. Robert Rodriguez took Frank Miller's famed comic and created a whole new world that tickled fans to no end. Combine the fact that Sin City had a fantastic cast and there is no doubt why Sin City is on my Top 10 Comic Book Movie list.

9. Incredible Hulk
It is really too bad Incredible Hulk didn't do as well as Universal/Marvel had anticipated the second time around. There is no doubt that Edward Norton was a perfect Hulk, far better than Eric Bana! The story was a bit lackluster, but overall Incredible Hulk smashed and entertained all the way through.

8. Superman 2
Kneel before Zod, do I really need to say any more? Either way, I will. While Superman 2 is ultimately dated now days, I still love this movie and it was clearly the best Christopher Reeves Superman film by a mile. It blows the pants off part 3 and 4 and beats out the original by a slim margin. I truely hope WB can get a decent Superman film that makes money out sometime soon and please use General Zod!

7. Spider-Man 2
It is very hard to out-shine a predecessor, but Spider-Man 2 easily accomplishes this task! The film is wonderfully directed by Sam Raimi and does it's best when it looks behind the mask and what it really takes to be a superhero like Spider-Man. Alfred Molina of course was stunning as Dr. Ock and the production team at least did not muck up his design like they did with the Green Goblin in the original Spider-Man film.

6. X-Men
X-Men broke the mold in superhero movies. Prior to it's release, most comic book properties adapted to film were simply hokey movies that played up the comedy and never seemed to take themselves too seriously. Brian Singer successfully changed all that! Since X-Men's 2000 release date studios have realized that comic films deserve a reality based approach and it is better to leave the campy vibe alone. Thank you Bryan Singer, thank you!

5. Hellboy
Hellboy is one of my favorite comic book properties. Guillermo del Toro took Mignola's amazing work and created a cinematic masterpiece. While the sequel was alot of fun, it didn't measure up to the original for me, which is absolutely breathtaking. Hellboy was visually stunning and really dived right into the meat of Mignola's work. Hellboy, in my opinion, put del Toro on the map and thankfully so. I can't wait to see what his vision will do to Middle Earth. As for more Hellboy movies let's hope Guillermo del Toro will eventually re-visit the comic in a third film.

4. Watchmen
No other comic book movie has ever been adapted so faithfully. Zack Synder took the greatest comic book ever and created a wonderful piece of cinema. Now I would have rathered Watchmen had been made as a 12 episode mega series on HBO, but for a single shot film, it was perfect. I am really looking forward to see the director cut come July and have already seen the film 3 times in theaters. I have read Watchmen since I was 14 years old and Synder did what most have always said was impossible with precision. If you have not seen Watchmen, get yuour ass up and find it in theaters!

3. Batman Begins
Finally a real Batman film that did the comic justice! Remeber the days when a new Batman film would release and we would all roll our eyes? For some of you out there, luckily you were still in diapers or barely talking when these shitty films released, but now Batman films are legit and demand respect for a couple of reasons. First Christian Bale took Batman to a whole new level. No more of the corny one-liners or bad acting from the previous films, here in Batman Begins Bale delivers a reality based Bruce Wayne that viewers could connect with. Secondly, Christopher Nolan. Nolan is the shit, he has taken the frame work laid out by Bryan Singer and Sam Raimi and created a realistic Gotham. The story is outstanding, the action is intense and the villains are perfect. Batman Begins continued a trend to give comic book fans of what we deserve with our beloved heroes one that I hope never fades away.

2. Iron Man
What a movie, just simply amazing! Jon Favreau directed his ass off with this one! Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark and delivered a perfect performance as the billionaire industrialist. Favreau took a not as popular comic and made it into one of the highest grossing comic book films ever, not only that it was an outstanding film. Iron Man is endlessly enjoyable and highly rewatchable, I honestly think I have seen this movie at least 30 times since it released and I never get tired of it. Bravo, Favreau, now don't let us down with part 2!

1. The Dark Knight
Does it get any better than The Dark Knight? Let's hope so, but for now, Nolan's second effort at Batman is easily the best comic book film ever made. It is a piece of art one that intrigued endlessly through a phenominal story and performances. It is too bad that Ledger will never be able to grace the screen once more as the Joker, because his performance alone was worth every penny. The deceased actor put Jack Nicholson's Joker to shame and seemed to do so effortlessly. I can't stress enough how great of a film The Dark Knight was and is, I just hope Nolan will be able to follow suit with his thrid film in the franchise.

What say you? What is your Top 10 Comic Book Movies? Strikeback...