Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Terminator Salvation PG13

Yesterday Pizza Hut websites revealed a marketing campaign for McG's "Terminator Salvation" and on their promo's showed the film having an MPAA rating of PG13. Didn't McG assure fans back at Comic Con last year that the film would be a hard R? I guess Warner Brothers has decided a PG13 will make the film a hell of alot more box office friendly with only a PG13 rating.

It use to be that we would see violence and nudity in PG films, anybody remember Sheena? Or how about when PG13 movies first came about. I remember one of the first film released under the new MPAA PG13 rating was Johnny Be Good, the film featured a couple pairs of breasts. Now days, nudity and a PG13 movie are a no no. So does this mean we will not see Moon Bloodgood's breasts, guess not. At least not in the theatrical release. This does allow WB and McG to douple dip when the film releases on dvd. We will surely be getting both a theatrical release and a unrated cut of the film.

What say you? Does a PG13 rating detract you from wanting to see Terminator Slavation? Strikeback...