Sunday, April 5, 2009

Table 19 Setup at Searchlight

Over last weekend it was announced that the Duplass brothers have setup their next film "Table 19" over at Fox Searchlight. Some of you are probably saying who the hell are the Duplass brothers, don't feel too bad, but you should definately check out their previous work.

The Duplass brothers are leaders in the mumblecore movement and have put out two outstanding films to date, The Puffy Chair and Baghead. Their newest film will follow wedding attendees who are stuck at the singles table. The official announcement came from Production Weekly's tweet saying: The Duplass Bros. ensemble comedy Table 19, has been setup @foxsearchlight - about the wedding guests who get stuck at the singles table. Anything these guys do already has me interested, but "Table 19" has the promise of having some great dialogue mixed with some funny situations that can transpire at a wedding.

This announcement raises the question of which film is actually next on the Duplass brothers agenda. They had previously setup a untitled project also at Fox Searchlight. The untitled project stars Jonah Hill, Marisa Tomei, Catherine Keener and John C. Riley, the film was originally called "Safety Man." IMDB currently says the untitled project is currently filming, but could "Table 19" bump the untitled project? More news to follow....

The Duplass brothers third film, "Do-Deca-Pentathlon" is slated to release later this year and is in the final stages of post production.

What say you? Have you seen The Puffy Chair or Baghead? Which film do you think will be released first? Strikeback...