Saturday, April 11, 2009

Zombie Wraps Shooting H2

Rob Zombie has concluded prinicpal photography on "H2" which is slated to hit theaters in five months on August 28th. With the conclusion of filming Dimension sent out the first glimpse of Myers with one of the masks we will see in the sequel. Dimension's official statement read: "Well, after 35 days of snow, freezing rain, fire ants, mud and blood we are done! The cast and crew kick ass beyond ass to bring you the most demented Halloween ever! In less than five months Michael will be back in your face! And speaking of face... here is your first glimpse of one of the many faces Michael 2009." Checkout the new image of masked Myers and a bit more details on the film below....

Click Myers for higher resolution
As previously reported Myers will spend most of the film outside of the mask. The film takes place two years after the first film and Myers has been in hiding in that time. It makes sense that if Myers has been in hiding, that he isn't still walking around in the outfit and mask he wore during his murder path two years prior. This shows that Zombie is taking liberties with the franchise, or making it is his own.

Honestly, I appreciate that. I would rather see how Zombie would do Halloween on his own, than how he can remake Carpenter's version. Zombie elaborated on his vision with the film, "This has nothing to do with anything," says Zombie. "This is all 100% new. We're not relating to anything that's come before." Zombie continued to say that the film will equally follow both Laurie and Michael. The film will focus more on the humanity of the two characters and how they are connected. "Just having some anonymous guy running around in a white mask is pretty tired, so this is really about Laurie and Michael...and seeing how they're connected," Zombie exlaimed.

As for the title "H2" apparently that is not the final title and was mainly used as a teaser. Zombie says no final decisions have been made on the official title. "Nobody can make up their mind," Zombie said. Zombie himself isn't too keen on just H2, "I don't like it, it is just too simple," but would rather something like "Halloween: The Devil Walks Among Us," which is based off the title of Dr. Loomis's book in the movie that Zombie says plays a big part in the film.

What say you? Does a maskless Myers scare you? Shouldn't a Halloween movie be released on Haloween? Are we still that nervous about the Saw franchise? Strikeback...