Friday, April 3, 2009

Review - Taken

A former secret service agent is put to a new test when his daughter, who has gone on vacation to Paris, is kidnapped and sold into sex slave trade. The former agent must use his deadly skills to find his daughter as quickly as possible, before all traces of her have vanished.

District B13 director, Pierre Morel, took the reigns of Luc Besson's script and produced an amazing and relentless action film that feels like a throwback to the action films of the 90's. "Taken" is outstanding from start to finish. The film moves at an incredible pace and has you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire 93 minute film. The action is dynamic, in your face and the tension set in the film holds up well through the incredible ending.

Liam Neeson is exceptional in "Taken." I never knew he could kick so much ass! The fighting style utilized by Neeson is jaw dropping and really moves at break-neck speeds, which ultimately keeps the viewer glued to the screen. Neeson is impressive in "Taken" as Bryan Mills, he is definately not somebody you'd want to mess with. It was also furthermore refreshing to see an older man handling himself so well under the constraints of what could be compared very similair to the Bourne series.

The rest of the cast to "Taken" is insignificant to the overall film and Neeson outright carries the movie on his shoulders. Credit must be given to Besson for writing yet another flawless story. More can also be said for director Morel's vision and cinematography utilized throughout the film, perfect. The combination really makes for an outstanding film that will have the viewer completely engaged all the way through.

Lastly, "Taken" feels like an updated Commando, alot of the same concepts and plot points. What is important about that comparison, is Neeson is able to match up with the likes of Schwarzenegger in the action department. Liam Neeson impresses and leaves a strong impression hoping he may do more action in the future. If you enjoy action films, "Taken" is a must see!