Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poster: Girlfriend Experience

"The Girlfriend Experience" is a new film from director Steven Soderbergh that follows a high end prostitute who is just trying to make her way in the world as the financial crisis and presidential elections loom. In a shocking move, the established director has hired porn star Sasha Grey to play the lead in the film, and from early reviews from Sundance this year, she can carry a film outside of getting tagged in porno. Either way the concept of the film is intriguing and definately has perked my interests. The Soderberg film will hit OnDemand April 30th and will have a limited release in NY and LA on May 22nd. Checkout the poster below...

Click Sasha's mouth for higher resolution
What say you? Will you be seeing The Girlfriend Experience OnDemand or in local theaters (if you live in LA or NY)? Is it really possible a porn star has strong acting chops? Strikeback...


OnDemand dude, no question... Poster is legit and that is the best tag-line I've seen all year.