Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More 'Expendables' Stills

Last week we got our first glimpse at some set stills of Stallone in action filming "The Expendables" in Brazil. This week some new stills have been posted on the official "The Expendables" Blog. The new stills look to be following the scene from last week's set stills. First, we see Stallone (Barney Ross) running along what looks like the same dock. The second still features Steve Austin (Dan Paine) and Eric Roberts (Monroe) jumping off a dock escaping from an imminent explosion. The thrid photo features Stallone (Barney Ross) and Statham (Lee Christmas) seaside as well.

Eric Roberts had this to say about his first day on set filming: "Today I was attacked by Jason Statham (Lee Christmas) firing a machine gun from a dive-bombing fighter plane, nearly burned alive by napalm and had to leap into the freezing Bay of Mangaratiba to save my ass." Roberts is clearly detailing the released image and goes on to say a bit more on the official blog. More news to follow or checkout Ethelmae's Blog for up to the minute "The Expendables" updates. Checkout the new images below...

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What say you? Will The Expendables live up to it's initial hype? Strikeback....