Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maskless Myers in H2

Like what you see above? Hope so, because that is how Michael Myers will look for 70% of Rob Zombie's sequel to his remake of Halloween titled "H2." Shock Till You Drop are reporting fresh from their recent set visit that the above leaked photo of Myers is his general look for the bulk of the sequel due out this August. My intial reaction is outrage, however after soaking in the shock of a maskless Myers, I trust that Zombie has something up his sleeve. Or, at least I am hoping so.

Ryan Rotten while on the "H2" set spoke with make-up artist Wayne Toth about Myers unmasked look and what fans could expect. Toth told Shock Till You Drop, "That's Michael's new look for a lot of the film. Fans will be shocked. They seem pretty responsive to it. But it's like anything else, as long as you're doing something cool, people get it." Toth then told Rotten that when Myers finally dawns a mask it will be different from the first film. "There are a couple different versions of the mask, but none of them are the same mask from the first film. He wanted to take them a step further, even though one of them is basically supposed to be the last mask. We've changed it anyway. Then towards the end of the film is the current version of the mask which is a lot different from any of them we've seen. People are going to be surprised when they see it. It's going to thrown the Myers fans for a loop," Toth said. The first masks Toth talks about could be the previously released concept mask. The one that is also featured in the first poster for "H2." As to the one they say will throw us for a loop, only one thing can be said, Dont screw up the best horror killer of all time!

Lastly Shock Till You Drop reports that the film takes place roughly two years after the events in Zombie's first Halloween film. In that time span, Myers has been living homeless in the woods being exposed to natures deadly elements. This report brings a bit of confusion. The first set pics released back in March showed the film Laurie in the Hospital. Zombie had said the film would pick up right where the first film left off. Does this mean that Zombie has changed the opening? Most likely not. The film will probably open with the ending of the last film transporting Laurie Strode to the Emergency Room, but then will fast forward two years into the future.

More news to follow as it develops...

What say you? Does a maskless Myers have the same impact as a masked Myers? Strikeback...