Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jolie = A Dame to Kill For?

Hype has been building up for the last couple weeks on "Sin City 2" finally getting underway. First, it seems that the Weinstein Co had allowed their rights to the sequel lapse, allowing Robert Rodriguez along with Frank Miller to shoot the film and shop it at a later date with a private equity group financing the shoot. Now comes word that Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller may have their Dame to Kill For.

Moviehole is reporting that RR & Frank Miller would like Angelina Jolie to play the lead Ava, in the sequel which will be based mainly off the book "A Dame to Kill For." This isn't the first time Jolie was approached for the role of Ava, back in 2006 Miller and Rodriguez were in talks with the actress, but talks fizzled when the Weinstein's weren't ready to start production. The script has been written for quite sometime now and a majority of the other linked cast has seemed ready to go.

Does landing Angelina Jolie create enough buzz to get "Sin City 2" finally made? The easy money says yes, she generally is a box office success. My instinct, would much rather see someone else in the role then miss one dimension. I have absolute contempt for Jolie, and I am endlessly tired of seeing her playing a badass. If Jolie does accept the role, she will be re-uniting with her Beyond Borders co-star, Clive Owen, who will return as Dwight.

One other big question is will Mickey Rourke return as Marv in "Sin City 2?" "A Dame to Kill For" is somewhat of a prequel and in it, Marv is still very much alive. Rourke although has not sounded too likely to return for the role. More news as it develops....

What say you? Is Angelina Jolie right for Ava? Will Sin City 2 ever get made? Do you care? Strikeback...