Friday, April 17, 2009

Hooded Myers in H2!

If you have been following anything regarding Rob Zombie's sequel to Halloween you know full well that we will get to see some different looks to Michael then we may be use to from his previous films. Images have been released of Tyler Mane on set filming without a mask and more recently, Rob Zombie has posted a image of Myers wearing a tattered mask online. Today however comes two new pictures that has me a bit more intrigued for "Halloween 2", "H2", "Halloween: The Devil Walks Amoung Us" or whatever the hell they are going to call it.

The first newest image released of Michael Myers shows him wearing the same mask that was recently posted, but features him wearing a meancing hooded jacket. Instead of the cover-all's we have seen Myers in the past, he has his head covered by a rather large hoodie. The new look is definately working for me, more so, I am glad to see Rob Zombie stepping outside of Carpenter's original story and actually giving us a completely new tale. The second photo shows Taylor Mane in the same hoodie, but without the mask. It is not clear if this second picture is taken from the film itself or just a photo taken of Mane while on set, but not necessarily filming a particular scene. Either way both pictures deliver a darker tone to Michael that I had hoped Zombie would take him.

Rob Zombie also talked a bit about the reports that Myers would not wear a mask for about 70% of the movie on his blog. He said, "Their have been reports and rumors that he only wears the mask 25% of the time or not at all. Well, the truth is the movie is just now being edited so the exact percentage of mask wearing is unclear at this point. But fear not, Michael is seen wearing the mask as much if not more than you've ever seen him wearing a mask in any Halloween film." More than any other Halloween film? Wait a tick, Myers has his mask on for 99.7% of the time in all of the previous 8 Halloween films (Rob Zombie's Halloween excluded). So is Zombie saying he will still have it on most of the time or not? More news as it develops, but untill then checkout the 2 new photos of Michael Myers....

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