Thursday, April 23, 2009

Elm Street Has its Nancy!

News broke yesterday that the Samuel Bayer remake of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" has found its Nancy! Bloody Disgusting reported that Rooney Mara will take on the role of the lead female Freddy haunts in the Platinum Dunes film. Mara will join Jackie Earle Haley playing Freddy Krueger, Kyle Gallner (Haunting in Connecticut) playing Quentin and Thomas Dekker (Sarah Conner Chronicles) as Jesse. Shooting is set to begin next month in Chicago with a April 16th, 2010 release date planned.

Rooney Mara isn't a wowing casting, but she is definately a fresh face like Heather Langenkamp was in the 1984 original. I honestly can't say anything negative about her acting because, I haven't seen any of the crap she has previously been in. Mara much like the rest of the cast is primarily young and newbie actors that can get the job done on the cheap. Platinum Dunes knows full well they really don't need any big names for the teens, they will already have a solid fanbase ready to watch.

In other Nightmare news, Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz has also been cast in the Elm Street remake as Dean a popular high school jock. Lutz played Emmett Cullen in Twilight. Lutz is currently filming Twilight's sequel "New Moon" in Vancouver, but will be scheduled for later dates to shoot his Nightmare scenes.

Bloody Disgusting also has a breakdown of the teens setup and development in the remake. "Dekker will play "Jesse", the alpha male trying to get back together with his girlfriend. Mara plays Nancy Thompson, the girl who can't wait to leave town after graduation. Those young dreams will prove to be dust as the duo join Kyle Gallner (Quentin), in the role played by Johnny Depp in the 1984 pic, as fodder for slasher Freddy Krueger, being played by Jackie Earle Haley."

What say you? Is Rooney Mara a good pick for Nancy? Do you like how the cast is shaping up? Strikeback...