Friday, April 10, 2009

A Darker Laurie in H2

Scout Taylor-Compton played Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's Halloween and she returns for the currently filming sequel titled "H2." Shock Till You Drop had a chance while on a recent set visit to talk with Ms. Taylor-Compton about returning to the role, her new darker character, a bit about her big brother Michael and his new look and what fans could expect in the sequel releasing August 28th.

First off, Scout Taylor-Compton also confirms that the film takes place two years after the events of the first Rob Zombie film. At the opening of the film, Laurie is still in the dark concerning her connection with Myers. "I don't know certain elements about it. I know all of my friends are dead, my parents are dead and it's two years later and here's this run down Laurie Strode. And she learns these things and it's more and more adding to her. She doesn't know how to deal with it," Taylor-Compton explained. Who wouldn't be royally screwed up after being stalked then attacked repeatidly by a maniac in a William Shatner mask (painted white), all culminating with being thrown from a second story window?

Taylor-Compton talked a bit more about Laurie's behavior in "H2." "It's just really intense what she's going through [in the sequel]. She's happy one moment and in the next she's yelling at the people she loves and she's crying. She's going through these bipolar moments. [Rob] definitely wanted to see my character go into these really dark places by little pieces here and there." Like her big brother, Laurie will also dawn a new look to match her darkened mood. "The first time we were trying on wardrobe, the wardrobe people got it totally wrong and Rob came into the session and was like 'What the fuck, she's run down her family's been murdered, make her look grungy.' So we did and she totally kicks ass," Taylor-Compton said. (You can see Laurie's new look pictured above)

Scout Taylor-Compton also touched on the look of big brother. "It's quite different. They had filmed with Tyler before me and I had heard things about a jacket and the mask. I hadn't necessarily seen it until two weeks into shooting. It was quite shocking, I think it's scarier than his look in the first one. It freaks me out a lot more than the suit and the mask. It's him trying to hide himself and it's a different emotion I think," Compton reveals.

What say you? Has Zombie's adaptions intrigued or deterred your interests in H2? Strikeback...